A Crispy Jalebi Evening

Namaskara Benguluru!

It’s the breezy hour of the day, the sun’s almost sinking into the horizon, pulling the dusk up onto the sky. And you think…

Bangalore sunset & evening weather

“How about a good close to the day?”

Something which will feel like a reward for the day’s hard work. Something like a dessert. Dessert that’s sweet, crisp, hot, melting in a bite, and that which needs no main course.

A Jalebi! Deep-fried, syrup-soaked and served hot.

Jalebi is a south Asian sweet variety, made by deep-frying maida flour (plain flour or all-purpose flour) batter in circular shapes, which are then soaked in sugar syrup. It goes by many names, including jilapi, zelepi, jilebi, jilipi, zulbia, jerry, mushabak, z’labia, or zalabia. Furthermore, its ingredients also vary as we move from culture to culture, region to region.

But no matter what the variation, it lures all the sweet lovers. Especially when it’s freshly served, crispy and piping hot.

We bet every desi loves to have this experience time to time. But where is this to find?

If you are driving near Whitefield, Bangalore, you can find both the sunset and the sweet, at Sri Vardhini Sweets, Kadugodi.

Our dollhouse looking sweet shop takes Jalebis seriously and has a dedicated outdoor stall to serve the food reward, crisp and hot to all who seek the spot.

If you drop by, you can instagram & instashare the preparation of the best jalebis in a simple yet skilful manner which, of course, takes its sweet time!

Bangalore, Kadugodi

First, we make a batter from flour, yogurt or curd, and water. The batter is then left to ferment for several hours, which creates a slightly tangy flavour in the final product. Then batter is piped or drizzled into hot oil in circular or spiral shapes, & fried until golden and crispy. Finally, the fried heavenly spirals are soaked in a hot sugar syrup, which is flavoured with saffron, cardamom, rose water and served right away.

Do you know, that’s not all to a Jalebi? There’s more!

In addition to its delicious taste, jalebi is also associated with several health benefits. Saffron, which we use to flavor the sugar syrup, is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, while yogurt, which is used in the batter, is a good source of protein, calcium, and probiotics.

So next time you plan on treating yourself with a Jalebi, remember to treat yourself with the whole experience at Sri Vardhini Sweets. If you can’t drop by, order home online, and we will bring you warm Jalebis and more to enjoy from your cozy couch.

Your taste buds will thank you!

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